Give the gift of hope.  Donate to support those living with Cancer.

2019 was an eventful year, my cancer returned, and I underwent chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant including five weeks in hospital.  I'm now in remission again, but I like so many others am not cured.  I still live knowing my cancer will almost certainly return it is just a question of when.

Very few of us are untouched by Cancer. Despite all the success Cancer is now the number one killer in every Canadian province and territory. In our family, I have been fortunate enough to survive cancer three times even though my odds of survival initially were only 25%. But we have lost both my father (pancreatic cancer) and my father-in-law (throat cancer) to this horrible disease. I survived only because of research.

Every day I still live with the fear; when will the cancer return.  I need your help as do so many others to continue the search for a cure.

Come enjoy the lights (18 Mildred St Wpg) and leave a donation in the box or donate here to give others, and myself, hope this holiday season that they or their families won’t need to experience that empty seat at the holiday table.  I survived this horrible disease only because of research.

100% of all donations online and on site go directly to the Cancer Society.