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Did you know that 500 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer every day?  That means one more person will be diagnosed by the time you are finish reading my page.

Support those living with cancer.   Donate here to Give the gift of Hope.

So Grateful!!! 51,000+ raised over 7 years. Only the second time ever we topped 8K. Online we show $9,100 donated, but if you add the cheques we sent in, $200, and the one donation made to the 2015 page, $200, we are sitting at $9,500 achieved for 2016.


Drop by 18 Mildred St. to see the lights in person.


The lights are still on for a few more days.  We are again broadcasting (low power) the music on 93.9 FM and all the songs will have at least some video to go along with them.  Drive by and listen to the music accompanying the lights in the warmth and comfort of your car.  Two outdoor speaker also play the music for those walking by.

2016 Videos

Wizards in Winter 2016

2016 Xmas Eve Sarajevo

One of my favorites The first noel





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  1. Jillian whitford

    Michael so inspired with your story. At this moment my son in law is battling non hodgkin lymphnoma. He had surgery to partially remove a mass last year but came back. They took stem cells, had aggressive chemo and reinjected stem he’s Bach in hospital for blood clots..can you please direct us to how he be helped??? He is not short of financial assistance..currently he is in Ottawa..bless you..jill

    1. Post author

      That sounds all too familiar. I myself had a bone marrow (Stem cell) transplant, and the ‘port’ I had in caused a blood clot and had to be removed on an emergency basis. Although there is never, sadly, any guarantee, the Doctor’s are fantastic and assess each situation individually. I’m testament that even in a severe case it can all work out in the end. There is at least hope.

      The best chance of a successful outcome is to get all the treatments as scheduled and on time. The local Canadian Cancer Society will be able to provide peer support to both him and his family if he thinks that would help. I would recommend it. Beyond that just hang in there and keep at those treatments.

    1. Post author

      I apologize, there was a power outage that caused my system to reboot, and it didn’t restart right away. I started it back up at 7:45. I’m so sorry if you missed the show.


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