The Lights are off for the season #ChristmasLightsForCancer


Michael’s Christmas Lights CCS donation page     Thanks everyone for your support.  Over 6 years we have now raised just over $42,000 in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

This link will take you to my team page and allow you to donate and receive a tax receipt from the Canadian Cancer Society.  The link is still open, although we will setup a new page for 2016 closer to November.

Starting December or late November drop by 18 Mildred St. to see the lights in person and make a donation into the donation box. 

A large 16-20′ (still building) Christmas tree is being added this year.  This tree will have the equivalent of about 20,000 lights all on it’s own.

Again we need to count the lights differently.  In 2014 we counted using bulbs and had 70,000 lights 400 feet of network cable and over 350 extension cords. This year we are using some new types of LED strip lights and we are counting based on the light output because these are much brighter.  In 2016 we will have three video projectors, and the equivalent of 125,000 lights.

We will still be broadcasting (low power) the music on 93.9 FM and this year all the songs will have at least some video to go along with them.  Drive by and listen to the music accompanying the lights in the warmth and comfort of your car.  Two outdoor speaker also play the music for those walking by.

Some 2015 Videos

Wizards in Winter

2015 R2D2 we wish you a merry Christmas

One of my favorites The first noel




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